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Creation of a New Microecological Healthcare Platform by ChemPartner and China Society for the Promotion of Science and Technology Commercialization (CSPSTC)

28-08-2018 ChemPartner 1653

The preparation meeting for the CSPTSC Microecological Healthcare Committee establishment was held on 26th August 2018 at ChemPartner Headquarters.  In attendance were the representatives from Xiamen University, Zhongshan University, Zhengzhou University and South China Medical University, Dalian Medical University, Wenzhou Medical University and Quantum Medical.  In total, more than 20 different tertiary education organizations, research institute, medical healthcare organizations and industry representatives were in attendance.

This is meeting is organised by CSPSTC and undertaken by ChemPartner and Quantum Medical.  The Committee will follow the guidance of the official report from the 19th National Representatives Meeting of the Chinese Communist Party, which promotes a “Healthy China Implementation Strategy” and promote the development of the microecology healthcare research and industry.  This can will motivate the clinical acceptance and usage of microecological interventions and provide a platform for experts to convene of issues of academia; bringing microecological health and prosperity to the masses.

The formation of this committee was approved by the CSPSTC back in April 2018 and shows the significance of this field.  CSPSTC v.President Ms Xiao Wei was in attendance to give her guidance and opinions to this meeting.  Along with the professionals present, the meeting resulted in the confirmation of the committee structure, management policies, work plan and other important parts relating to announcements.


Mr Xianwei Zeng, Chairman ChemPartner commented that as the initial driving force behind the formation of this committee, ChemPartner and Quantum Medical will perform to its utmost in their roles.  Under the guidance of the CSPSTC, complete the drafting of all relevant parts of the management policy and set the core values of the committee; to achieve the goal of bringing prosperity to the masses through the integration of professional knowledge from all over China and fight to provide a better microecological healthcare service together with professionals and organizations from the field.