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Commencement of a New Era: ChemPartner

04-07-2018 ChemPartner 1552

On 222nd June 2018, a motivational meeting was called at Quantum Hi-Tech (China) Biological Headquarters in Guangzhou.  Chairman Mr Xianjing Zeng was in attendance while CEO Mr Xianwei Zeng presided the event that involved nearly 100 members of the business division.


This meeting was called in response to the completion of the restructuring of the company involving Shanghai Chempartner, the relocation of headquarters to Guangzhou as well as the changing of the stock code name from Quantum Hi-Tech (Biological) to ChemPartner.  All of this transcended to the upgrade in strategic positioning of the company and integration of businesses in different fields.


 Chairman Zeng pointed out that:

Firstly, in order to fully understand the change in positioning of the company, a unification of thoughts and the upgrade of knowledge base is first needed.  Members of the company understood that given the above changes and upgrades that the company is changing its strategy to become the “Global Frontrunner in Biotechnology, Healthcare and Prosperity for all Mankind”.  This would involve understanding and combining the international status and vision of Chempartner’s management, technology and research.  Achieving this would ensure that all three business divisions of Chemparter (Medical Pharmaceutical), QHT Biological (Microecological Nutrition) and Quantum Medical (Microecological Healthcare) would develop at the same pace and along a shared path towards the above company goal.  

Secondly, As ChemPartner enters the second decade of business, it is imperative for all members to understand the group strategy, reorganize resources to unleash everyone’s utmost potential.  Managing a company involves paying attention to details.  Learning from history often helps and during Chairman Mao’s Triple Reorganization it was apparent that the useful structural reorganization, placing the right responsibilities into each department, discovering each individual’s potential and looking at the bigger picture was key to success.  Each member of company should share the same ideologies and goals.  With that, everyone should aim to correct and upgrade their knowledge and align to a whole new company culture.  

Thirdly, the company must not forget its commitment to become a company based around happiness of prosperity.  All divisions should establish a happy enterprise department, spread traditional teachings, learn about true happiness and prosperity and build more platforms to learn about traditional cultures; Bringing about a higher level to the already established happy enterprise department in group headquarters.

Lastly, Mr Zeng quoted Chairman Xi’s “Happiness has to be Fought for” and re-iterated that a new age for ChemPartner has started, and that all members should fight together to become individual pioneers and frontrunners and achieve happiness.