Operational Ethos

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Social Responsibilities

Social Responsibilities

As a part of the healthcare field, ChemPartner endeavors to improve the overall wellbeing and prosperity of the community and fulfill its social responsibilities..

2018 – Quantum Medical donated microecological solutions to cancer patients undergoing chemo and radiotherapy to alleviate side affects

2015 – In association with the China Social Welfare Foundation, Happiness 9 started the a “Love nest” welfare activity to assist the elderly without a “nest”

2012 – Shanghai Chempartner, in association with Shanghua public welfare fund, funded the library collection for under-privileged primary schools in Sichuan Province

2011 – Shanghai Chempartner established a public welfare fund based on a “Reassuring the old, assisting the young, funding knowledge, helping the poor” concept

2007 – ChemPartner introduced “prebiotic” sciences and ideology into China and became part of the Oligo Project sponsored by the National Development and Reform Commission (Public Nutrition)

2006 – Fully funded the “Chinese Sub-health and Microecological Dysbiosis” study by the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, Microecology sub-Association. This study provided the basis for the Chinese authorities to intervene in sub-health circumstances.