Our Focus

Investigating Life Sciences using Modern Biotechnology to Provide Healthcare Services

Who We Are

Pioneers in Using Medical R&D Services and Microecological Health as the Basis to Achieve Overall Wellbeing

Our Assets

Leading Platform for One-stop-shop Services in Medical R&D and Production

Leading Platform for One-stop-shop Microecological Healthcare Solutions and Microecological Nutrition Intervention Research


Quantum Hi-Tech (China) Biotechnology Co.,Ltd is a company that is motivated in the innovation of biotechnology, pharmaceutical research & development services, microecological nutrition, microecological healthcare.

ChemPartner Group was founded on 26th Jan 2000 and publicly listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in the year 2010, stock code 300149.

The group now consists of 5 National Level High-tech Enterprises and has developed a research services team comprising of more than 1800 research personnel, 200 of which have obtained doctorate qualifications.

With a pharmaceutical services and production platform based on the international standards of our biological and chemical drug research, a leading platform in microecological nutrition and interventions research, as well as being able to provide healthcare solutions based on microecological medical research, the employees at ChemPartner are able to fulfill their utmost potentials. With a core value of “Achievements Lie within Human Effort”, our mission is to bring microecological health and prosperity to the masses through assisting the development of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, promoting innovation of the global healthcare industry and microecological technology.

  • 2000

    Establishment of ChemPartner Group

  • 2010

    Public Listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

  • 5

    National Level High-tech Enterprises

  • 1800+

    Research and Development Personnel

Business Compositions

While group headquarter is in Guangdong China, ChemPartner has research institutes, laboratories, production sites in the United States, Denmark, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Jiangmen etc. Its sales network spreads across 5 continents globally including countries such as China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, France, Republic of Ireland, Denmark, United States, Brazil and Argentina.

Corporate Development

November 2018

Promoted the establishment of the Microecological Healthcare Professionals Committee of the “China Society for the Promotion of Science and Technology Commercialization”

Participated in the establishment of Gut Microbiome and Interventions Committee by the “Chinese Nutrition and Health Foods Association” (CNHFA)

October 2018

June 2018

Successful reorganization of ChemPartner Group with the official upgrade of the biomedical industries

Establishment of Quantum Medical and commencement of research and application of microecological healthcare and diagnosis



Establishment of ChemPartner Biologics(CPB), Commencement of contracting biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical production business

Establishment of Kaihui Chempartner, Commencement of contracting biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical production business


Upgrade of corporate name to Quantum Hi-Tech (China) Biotechnology



Started to offer Biologics Discovery service

IPO on Shenzhen stock exchange, stock code 300149


Research in using chromatography to purify fructooligosaccharide completed; large scale production of galactooligosaccharide



Establishment of China Gateway Pharmaceutical Development(CGPD); Started to offer small molecule CMC service


Started to offer Biology& DMPK Service.

People’s Daily Annual Chinese Invisible Champion



Shanghai ChemPartner established

Successful production of high purity fructooligosaccharide


Establishment of Jiangmen Quantum Hi-Tech Biotechnology Co.,Ltd


Corporate Accreditations

  • 2017

    People’s Daily Annual Chinese Invisible Champion

  • 2016

    Top 100 Creative Trademarks of Chinese Public Corporations

  • 2015

    International Arch of Europe (IAE) Award in the Gold category

  • 2013

    Top 200 Corporations under a Billion (Asia)

  • 2013

    Top 50 Active Services and Trading Corporations

  • 2011

    Top 10 Leading Service Contractor Corporations China

  • 2009

    Deloitte Fast 50 China