ChemPartner PharmaTech Co.,Ltd.

Public Listed Company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Stock Code:300149

IPO Date:22nd Dec 2010

Registered Address:No.133 Gaoxin Road West, Hi-Tech Zone, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China

Operations Address:28/F Guangzhou Exchange Square, No.268 Dongfeng Road Middle, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China

Register Capital (10000 RMB):49977.6892

Group Introduction:

ChemPartner PharmaTech Co.,Ltd. is a company that is motivated in the innovation of biotechnology, pharmaceutical research & development services, microecological nutrition, microecological healthcare.

ChemPartner Group was founded on 26th Jan 2000 and publicly listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in the year 2010, stock code 300149.

The group now consists of 5 National Level High-tech Enterprises and has developed a research services team comprising of more than 1500 research personnel, 200 of which have obtained doctorate qualifications.

With a pharmaceutical services and production platform based on the international standards of our biological and chemical drug research, a leading platform in microecological nutrition and interventions research, as well as being able to provide healthcare solutions based on microecological medical research, the employees at ChemPartner are able to fulfill their utmost potentials. With a core value of “Achievements Lie within Human Effort”, our mission is to bring microecological health and prosperity to the masses through assisting the development of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, promoting innovation of the global healthcare industry and microecological technology.

  • Chairman


  • Board of Directors

    Mr Xianjing Zeng

    Hui Michael Xin

    Mr Xianwei Zeng

  • Independent Directors

    Mr Zhicheng Guo

    Ms Han Chen

    Mr Jieli Yuan

  • Managing Director

    Mr Xianwei Zeng

  • Board Secretary

    Ms Baoxia Liang


Stock Code:300149
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Tel:+86 (0)20 66811798

Fax:+86 (0)750 3869666